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Before I started making this website, I had an old website which I couldn’t find my password to.  So, I started this new wordpress website.  The good news is I found my old website and just talked to Bluehost to get access back to my old website.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this website, but the one I previously had already has a domain and all.  Actually when I signed up for a hosting company, they had a free domain along with the setting up the account.  At the time I had my own domain already and switched it to their hosting.  What was great this time is that I was able to get my domain for free since I had used my old one before.

Also, whats great with my other website is it has many of my yummy recipes already there.  I was looking for some of my recipes I had lost and so finally I found my Chinese Chicken Salad Sandwiches I had posted before.  Another great thing about is I have my store in there.  I usually have my Etsy Shop, but lately I’ve been doing Nailart and am starting to have available for sale Nailart Led Lights, Stamps with Scrapers, NailArt Design Plates, and more stuff I’m really excited to have available for people coming soon.

Thanks so much for following me and I hope to see you all at my New and Improved Website =).


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