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Not your Ordinary French Manicure! 

Lately I’ve been loving French manicures!  Usually a basic French manicure looks like this… 

Reg French Manicure


But if you know me and I love to change things up like I did with my friends nails shown below! 

3 Styles Frenc Manicure by MGF


For All I used Orly Bonder as the base coat!  It’s important to use a base coat to protect your nails from staining and this base coat is great.  It feels a little sticky even after dry so the nail polish will stick on your nails and stay longer.

Orly Bonder (Basecoat)

Topcoat I used is Out The Door!   

Out The Door (Topcoat)

 On French Nails A…  

French Nails A

 I used Konad stamper with white lace! I used a pink from Spoiled (now called Potporazi from CVS) French tip with a purple/bluish stripe.

For the accent nail I used Revlon Gel Envy Sky’s The Limit 340 and the same pink from French Manicure called Spoiled color S007, but used it as a stamper! 

For French Nails B…  

French Nails B

  I used Sally’s Miracle Gel Boho 700, a silver color for the nail Stamper (forgot to point that one out), and the tip I used Revlon Parfumerie 160. You can’t tell the tip is actually light lavender, and the stamp on all the nails except the ring accent nail!

The ring accent nail I used the Miracle Gel 700 and added a shine to it by Sally Hansen also called Hard As Nail Exteme Wear 140 (Rockstar Pink).  I didn’t do any stamp on the ring finger but still did a French tip like the others. 

Last is French Nails C… 

French Nails C

 Used white nail polish for lace stamper (most brand works well like the Potporazi brand from CVS).  

For the French tip I added a purple tip from Sally Hansen Etreme Wear 445 (violet voltage). Then added the Kiss NailArt paint for the while nail stip curved around the French tip in between the colors. 

The Accent Nail is also Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 280 (jazzy jade).  This looks like teal to me!  I then used the purple Sally Hansen Etreme Wear 445 for the lace effect and added some white line stripper using the same white NailArt Paint by Kiss. 

So, there you go! 

Here is a closer look to the nail polishes I used!  All nail polished I think was below no higher than $5.  I also bought many on sale like the Miracle Gel by Sally Hansen making it $5 only in the end!  The most expensive was just the Orly base coat Bonder which is $8!  Not bad at all I think :). 

Nail Polishes used for French Nails


I used the BMC white for the Lace, but wanted to give an alternative you can buy at Local store.  I think the one left I got at CVS now called Potporazi or at Walgreens for just $1 or $2.  The one on the right you have to buy online. It’s where I bought my plates for the stamper too.  Please leave me a comment if you want to know where to buy :). 

White Polishes for Lace Nailart


If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment and I’ll answer as soon as pissible. 


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