Sech Vite: Harmful or Not? 

I must say after trying this fast drying topcoat I loved it!  I honestly can’t stop using it :(.  You use it before your nail polish is not completely dry yet and it will penetrate through the slightly wet nail polish and dry the whole nails

Sech Vite

Then I read online it has a proposition 65 warming on it! Wahh!!!  

This means it has a chemical that’s known to have cancer!  Noooooo!  

When buying nail polish there are 3 things usually you should look for that the nail polish shouldn’t have that’s bad chemicals!  Most nail polish I am using since are Big 3 Free now!  What does this mean?

It means it doesn’t have the 3 bad chemicals which are:

Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) is a plasticiser to prevent chips and cracks. DBP is an oily liquid that is soluble in fat and slightly soluble in water. It is not very volatile so it does not evaporate readily into the atmosphere.  Over 75% of DBP is used as a plasticiser in polymers such as PVC, 14% is used in adhesives, 7% in printing inks and 3% in other miscellaneous uses, including sealants and grouting agents used in construction as well as consumer products such as cosmetics.

Formaldehyde does not exist in nail polish. It is used in some nail hardeners but not in the actual polish. A resin,tosylamide/formaldehyde resin, makes the polish tough and resilient. While the resin is manufactured from formaldehyde, once the product becomes a resin, the formaldehyde is chemically changed and essentially no longer present. So while formaldehyde is grouped in with toluene and DBP in marketing statements and considered one of the Big 3, it isn’t actually an issue unless you have a reaction to the formaldehyde resin.
The bottom line, you should be aware of formaldehyde in your treatment products, not polish.

Toluene (methylbenzene, toluol, phenylmethane)
is a solvent that makes the polish easy to apply. It is an aromatic hydrocarbon commonly used as an industrial solvent for the manufacturing of paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and rubber.
Toluene is found in gasoline, acrylic paints, varnishes, lacquers, paint thinners, adhesives, glues, rubber cement, airplane glue, and shoe polish. At room temperature, toluene is a colorless, sweet smelling, volatile liquid.

So what’s toxic about Sech Vite?  It contains one of the Big 3 toxins!  It contains Tueline! 

Why should we be wary of toluene?

Also from the CDC website:

“A serious health concern is that toluene may have an effect on your brain. 

Toluene can cause headaches and sleepiness, and can impair your ability to think 

clearly. Whether or not toluene does this to you depends on the amount you take 

in, how long you are exposed, and your genetic susceptibility and age. Low to 

moderate, day-afterday exposure in your workplace can cause tiredness, 

confusion, weakness, drunken-type actions, memory loss, nausea, and loss of 

appetite. These symptoms usually disappear when exposure is stopped. You may 

experience some hearing and color vision loss after long-term daily exposure to 

toluene in the workplace.”

As far as the warning concerning birth defects the CDC states:

“Some studies in people have shown reproductive effects, such as an increased 

risk of spontan¬eous abortions, from exposure to toluene in the workplace. 

However, other factors, such as exposure to other chemicals, smoking and alcohol 

use, may have affected the results of the studies, so it is not possible to say 

whether toluene has reproductive effects in people.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states in its manual Protecting The Health of Nail Salon Workers , about toluene:

“Overexposure may cause irritation to eyes and nose, weakness, exhaustion, confusion,

inappropriate feelings of happiness, dizziness, headache, dilated pupils, runny

eyes, anxiety, muscle fatigue, inability to sleep, feeling of

numbness/tingling, skin rash, and in more serious cases of overexposure or intentional abuse, liver and kidney damage.”

What does the the Prop 65 Warning label in Sech Vite really means???

“The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) requires the Governor of California to maintain a list of chemicals “known to the state” to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. Toluene is among the ingredients identified by the state of California under Proposition 65 for identification in labeling. “

So, I wanted to just inform about Seche Vite but it’s your discretion if you still want to use it! 

I did find a product from same company called Invincible II dry fast top coat

Invincible II dry fast top coat!

 I just bought one at EBay and will let you know when I get it if it works well! 

Also you can buy nail polishes I love like Sally Hansen, Revlon, and cZoya that I recently bought.  Will also keep you posted if it’s good products. 

I found a website that shows what’s companies has Free of the Big 3 below:

This article below also I found very informative :).!


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