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My New Favorite Nail Gadget!

Okay so right now you all know I’m a little obsessed doing nails.  I love also diffenry gadgets I’m using.

For one I love this cotton claw!

Manicure Saver Cotton Claw

It’s so cool.  You press with your thumb like I’m showing on the picture and then this metal claw comes out the bottom and grabs the cotton ball, then it get sucked up, but enough to leave a good amount of cotton ball on the end.

Then you can open your nail polish remover, tilt it while putting the cotton ball as a stopper and getting a good amount of acetone in it.  So then you don’t have to touch the wet cotton ball with your hands.  You touch the wand while praising the cotton ball on your nails to remove the nail polish!  One word…Awesome!

So far my favorite nail gadget!

Here is a video to show you…

You can get at Sally’s Beauty Supplies, but if you don’t have one near you, you can also get it at Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon one or just click on the picture.

Cotton Claw


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