Must Try: Orly Bonder Base Coat

Okay, so I read about this basecoat on a review comment.  I love reading review comments, because you get lots of extra informative stuff.

 So, I went to CVS which is my favorite store!  Now, I didn’t look around to find the cheapest price since I really wanted to try it out.  I did some research for the best price around though and I found that Amazon sold it pretty cheap.  If you have Amazon Prime, you will get it really fast!  If I knew that I would have gotten it there instead.

I got this one at CVS store and it cost me about $9.25 =(.  I was about to return and get at Amazon, but I already opened and tried it last night.

So, yesterday is my first day trying on 7/2/15.  

Below is a picture of the nail. 

  I will keep you guys posted :). 


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