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Fix Chipped/Broken Nail With Orly Nail Rescue! 

Fix Chipped/Broken Nail with Orly Nail Rescue 

I found a cool product when your chipped/broken nail is in need of a rescue.  It’s called Orly Nail Rescue.  The name says it all! You can get it at Amazon where I usually get all my stuff.

Previously I made a different tutorial how to fix a broken nail with a Broadway brand where you attach a acrylic nail on top of your nail.  Well,  this one is a little different.  This is more like when you chip or tear/break a nail on the corner.  Not when you break the entire nail completely and you have to use a acrylic nail on top of your nail like I showed you in my previous post.

The box came with the Nail Glue, Nail Repair Powder, and a pink Square Filer.

Make sure you wash and dry nail before beginning the process.

In the video I used my Homedics electric filer, but you can use a regular filer.

Also when I was filing, I saw a few of the powder come off in a large chunk so make sure it’s dry before you start buffing.

I did the process twice where I applied glue, dipped my nail on the powder and shook the excess powder off!  You can choose to only do it once, it’s really up to you :).

Here is the video.


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