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Steps To Fixing A Broken Nail!

So last week I told you guys I broke my middle nail on my left hands after swimming in pool and giving my  3 kids showers.  Wahh!

Broken Nail

So, since I did my cute manicure two day prior I decided I needed to fix it so it wouldn’t ruin my cute nail art work!

I went to Target and got this to fix it.

Broadway Brush On Gel

I was at first thinking getting something online like a gel uv they use at the salon, since I have a UV lamp. Then I changed my mind and wanted to fix it right away, so I just went to one of my favorite store…Target!

It had two kinds of fake nails inside.  One looked clear and the other like a French manicure.

Broadway Brush On Gel Nail Samples

At first I used the clear one, but then it came off the next day!   I didn’t take a picture of the process, but when it came off I decided to.

I decided to use the French kind instead to see or that would work better :).  Here is a picture of the steps I took to fix the nail.

Steps To Fixing A Broken Nail

  1. First I filed my nail
  2. Then direction tells you to add the gel on back side of fake nail.
  3. Then press is on nails.
  4. Remove the tap on the fake nail.  Make sure you go up and down, don’t tear it like you would a paper.
  5. Then you file desired length and shape.
  6. Line up the bottle from left to right so you know what to use first and last.  Gel, Acivator, and Cleaner.
  7. First you apply the gel on nail and while it’s still wet take the brush* from the cleaner and dip it in the Activator  (make sure Activator is open after lining them up on Step 6).  Repeat.
  8. Put your nail polish on.

*The activator doesn’t have a brush, but the Cleaner does and the reason is after you apply the Gel on the nail, you use the Cleaner brush and dip inside the Activator, put on nails, and then put it back the brush in the Cleaner bottle. You leave the brush with the Cleaner bottle and put back the cap that belongs to the Activator that doesn’t have a brush.  Hope this makes sense.


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