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Steps For Revlon GelEnvy 2 Color French Manicure

Here is a new twist to French Manicure !


So here I love this two different color kind nailart technique!  I love this one I came up with.  I did get the idea from Pinterest with a ballerina style but opted for my color option because I am so I love with the blue/aqua colors right now!

 These are what I used!  The Revlon ColorStay GelEnvy #340 (Sky’s The Limit), #440 (Wild Card), and #010 (TopCoat).


I also used the shimmery silver nailart by Kiss!

So here we go… Checkout the Steps below!

  1. Always buff nails first and wipe alcohol to get ride of oils.
  2. Apply the shinny #340 first and let dry 1 minute
  3. Apply 2nd coat of #340 and let dry.
  4. I made French Manicure Strips from blue tape (for painting and cut the day before to do a French manicure effect).  Put on the tip part of nails and painted #440 and let it dry!  I only put one coat of this!  Then I removed the blue tape slowly after.

    Step 4: DIY Frech Manicure Strips

  5. Between the colors where it separate use a thin layer of the shinny silver from Kiss Nail Art and apply all nails . Wipe of excess from side of fingers if you go pass the nails!
  6. Add Revlon Diamond Topcoat and let dry.
  7. Now the last step is optional but necessary for me because my nails are not as hard! So I put this over it to make my nails harder.  It made it a bit harder.  If you find any other that works better, please leave me a comment.

Note on Step 7: I will probably try to find a better nail hardener though, because I can tell already the 3 Minute Nail Like Gel is not making my nails that hard! 


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