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Revlon Colorstay Gel w/no UV Lights Needed!

So I love my gel nails,but sometimes after removing the gel it make your nail a little brittle and I feel like my nails need a break.  I’m trying these Gel by Revlon without using the uv lights :). I’m loving blue lately so I chose this nice metallic blue color called Sky’s The Limit.

Revlon Colorstay GelEnvy

 So far It’s been three days and the nail polish still on great, but I only did for the thumb nail.


My other nails still have gel nails and are starting to come off so I removed all of them and will try it again with the Revlon Colorstay gel and keep you posted.  So far though 3 days is awesome though.

A long time ago I used to do my nails and the second day it used to get chipped already.  Though I never knew about buffing your nails and wiping with alcohol (to remove oils) before putting nail polish to keep your nail polish on longer.  I had no clue before until recently.  I used to almost get into nail a long time ago doing accylic, but hated the process, so I didn’t go further in doing them.  Now the DIY gel with UV are so awesome and easier I love doing my nails all the time.  This new Revlon Colorstay Gel is also so awesome since it’s an alternative without using the UV light.  My gel can last for 2 weeks , but even 1 week is still good for regular polish without uv lights is till good.  I feel like it’s also nice if your wanting to give your nails a break from reg DIY gel and UV lights.


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