Healthy Pesto Chicken Wrap

Healthy Pesto Chicken Wrap

Love this recent healthy wrap I’ve been making and eating lately.  I think it has contributed in my losing 2 lbs lately :).

I marinate one of those frozen chicken with salt, garlic, and about 1 tsp of this yummy pesto in a jar.

I first slice the chicken in half and slice them even thinner.  I then put olive oil on a grill skillet and put in low.

I found this yummy multigrain wrap and I end up cutting them in half to make them 50 calories and freeze them when I buy.

Other things I use is Mexican cheese blend, any veggies in a bag, slices of avocado and this yummy healthy cilantro avocado with yogurt :).

My hubby found this cilantro avocado at Safeway I think.

When I put it together I use a flat skillet and add slices of my chicken, then add the cheese so it will melt in the skillet and then remove the whole thing out of the skillet.  You can also just put it in the microwave which can be fast and easier. Specially when I’m in a hurry or really hungry :).  I think it might be also a good way to cook it in the microwave if your brining it to lunch at work.

Then I add the dressing, a couple of avocado slices and any kind of lettuce/dark leaf veggies in a bag would work.

There you go!  Bon appetite!


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