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New Purple Sand Nails w/Konad French Swivel Tips

So here is a recent gel and nail art I did for my friend yesterday while our cute kids were swimming in her pool!   

 I didn’t do the nail art myself but instead used my Konad!

If you haven’t heard of Konad stamping for nails you are missing out on how to create great nail art if you are not into doing your own freehand nail art like me.  I love doing my own freehand nail art, but I decided to get Konad stamping and Konad nail plates in order for me to do my own nails.  Also when I don’t feel like doing my freehand art or want it to be quick manicure.  Also this tool and plates are great for doing your own nails when it’s a bit difficult doing free hand art.

Here is what Konad stamping tool looks like.

Konad Stamping

The stamping plate I got was this one. I wasn’t fond of the heart french one, but I love the swivel circular one I recently did with my friend nails.
Below is the plate I used for this particular nail art.

Stamping Plate

If you want to see how to use Konad here is a video.

BTW, I used the purple color BMC 6pc UV/LED Sand Gel Nail Polish Master Set – Hawaiian Escape Collection.
  I love this collection and it stays on my nails for almost one week. I had to only redo one that chipped.


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