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It’s Back and Better!

Here back in stock is my new black bead necklace.

Recently I changed the look!  I added my Swap The Dangle Adaptor.  So now the necklace looks like this.

I added the adaptor and below I will show how the necklace comes apart so you can see where you can customize it!

Here is how you customize the necklace.    There is a Upper and Bottom Chains.  Once you buy the whole necklace, you never have to buy the bottom chain.  My bottom chain never changes unless you want it a little longer let me know .

First you have Bead Option 1.  This bead usually you can match with what her the upper chain beads color.

Then you have the “Swap The Dangles” Adaptor.   This will be your using this adaptor to slide through the toggle hook and it will be used to attach bead Option 2. You can match the bead 2 to the Upper Chain bead colors or make it a shinny neutral color.  I prefer I shiny neutral color.

Then the Bead 2 Option which I already mentioned is where you attach the snap on to the Adaptor.  This one I like neutral like my shiny one shown above in the picture or you can match with the Upper Chain color.

Last is my “Swap The Dangles” Earrings/Pendants.  Them will go as a pendant under the 2nd Bead Option.

I have many medium to large sized Dangles.

  I love all these earrings and  each one is so unique :).
Here is the link to my Etsy Store to see my unique jewelry .

Here is the link to the necklace above if you want to purchase.

Thank you for reading my blog and I will post more of many ways to show you how my jewelry work.


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