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Custom Flower Necklace/Headbands!  

Custom Flower Necklace

Okay so I haven’t been making my flower necklace so I decided to showcase these cute items.

If you know me, I love making unique things like my “swapthedangles jewelry!  Well, this one is kind of like a version of like swap the flower.  These are custom made flower necklaces.  You  can customize your own flower necklace with what kind of pattern with the name font to the flower you want to go in the middle. Furthermore they are not only personalized/custom flower necklaces, but it can also go on top of a larger flower that goes on my custom headbands if you choose to buy the whole headband itself.

Here is the link to my custom flower necklace and if you want the whole thing with the flower headbands you can chose these here.

Custom Flower/Necklace Headband

I will continue to make unique handmade jewelry, so please like my Facebook page and get all the updates and I will be offering discounts to my FB followers and soon giveaways.


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