My Story

MGF Design and More personalized photo

Started when my husband one day bought me a handmade necklace set made by his co-worker’s wife.  I thought I can make these.  At first I started to just make earring since I wear earrings often.  I wanted to make them unique,and different so it would stand out and so no one would have them but me.  Through trying to make one of a kind jewelry, I came up with other ways to make my jewelry unique and different.

To be different, I came up with my Unique Detachable Jewelry Collection.  First I came up with magnetic jewelry which has detachable earring dangles you can swap.  Below shows a picture of my magnetic necklace.

WIB 01

Over time trying to perfect my jewelry I ended up making my “Swap The Dangles” Jewelry which is the same concept like my magnetic but now are snap on.  Below is a video I made to show how my snap on “Swap The Dangles” necklace work.  The dangle can also be worn as an earring with my Earring Connector.

Another reason why I came up with “Swap The Dangles” necklaces is you can wear all my necklaces at work as a Lanyard by buying one of my Lanyard Hook.

 Recently, I went back to my passion and went back to making just handmade jewelry and even started doing some sewing.  So, I’m excited to show you my new collection of handmade purses with detachable jewelry coming soon.  So stay tuned and follow  me @

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